March 13

Interview with famous Ed Sheeran.


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Interviewer: Hello, Ed Sheeran.
Ed: Hi.
Interviewer: Can you tell me about a typical day in your life?
Ed: Yeah, sure.
Interviewer: So, what time do you get up?
Ed: I get up at 7 o’clock. Then I exercise and have breakfast. I have a big breakfast: toast, fruit, bacon, and eggs.
Interviewer: What do you do after breakfast?
Ed: At 8 o’clock I have a shower, get dressed, and go to the studio.
Interviewer: What do you do in the studio?
Ed: I work there. I write my songs and do recordings.
Interviewer: When do you finish your work?
Ed: I finish my work at 6 o’clock. Then I go home. Sometimes I invite my friends. We dine and have a lot of fun.
Interviewer: I see.
Ed: Yes, we often watch movies and they usually leave at 9 o’clock. When they leave I get ready for the next day and go to sleep at 11 o’clock.
Interviewer: Thanks. That’s a busy day!

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